"My children and I spent many years struggling with stress and anxiety, and panic attacks. I had no idea that I was an empath.  I was taking on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.

 I searched the spectrum for people and processes that would help me heal myself and get my life back.  Becoming a medium, coaching and energetic work were the pivotal processes that cleared the stress and anxiety to live happy and healthy."


Drawing on my unique experience as a psychic medium, life coach and energy work practitioner, I love helping people clear the unconscious beliefs, thoughts, expectations and emotional noise that gets in the way of having what they want. I work with empaths+sensitives from all of the world.

The inner work that I do with my clients came about in an effort to heal myself and my family. I was searching for anything to relieve the stress and anxiety that I was stuck in. It was debilitating.

Everything in my life became overwhelming and I hurt from the inside out. I called myself a sensitive, an empath and my nervous system was fried. I went from doctor to doctor but I was always told that I was fine. It was hard to function like a “normal” person in my everyday life. Struggle, stress, anxiety and panic attacks became the norm.

In an effort to heal myself, I went on a long journey. I took a deep dive and trained in a 2 year mediuship mastery program and became a professional medium. I was amazed by the information that came through for my clients, but something was still missing. I went on to study coaching and be coached and I loved the resuts that I got in my physical life, but it was not the whole picture. I then went on and trained in energy psychology techniques and this taught me about inner patterns. When I combined all three of these approaches to myself…I healed myself and I smoothly stepped on my path of my life purpose.

Through my own healing journey, I have created a mix of using my psychic skills to read my clients, energetic healing practices to transform the inner world and transformational coaching to apply psychic information and navigate the outer world.

My intention to the universe is, “send me people that I can help”. I have a deep passion to help people clear anything that stands in the way of having what they want to experience in life.

You are the only thing that is holding you back from having abundant health, wealth, and love.

If this resonates with you and you would like to talk, feel free to book a 30 minute complimentary chat. You can tell me what’s going on in your life and I can tell you how I might be able to help.


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What our clients have to say...

"“Michelle has connected as a clear channel with information and understanding from my guides and spirit family. This has allowed me to take my “seeking for purpose” to a much higher level of learning and understanding. Since working with Michelle, I have been able to distill so many ideas into an action plan. The plan has ebbed and flowed, as she challenges me to move forward in what might seem like scary waters, so we have tapped through this stuff! She has been encouraging and available on this journey. I am very grateful for our time together!” "

Susan C.

"“I knew Michelle had intuitive/psychic acumen, and had personal experience with this, but what I learned through one-on-one sessions in self-healing with Michelle is that she is SO MUCH MORE! Michelle guided me to feel the “bad stuff” not to figure out the “why” but to feel it fully, so we could tap it away. Truly, she has a gift of hearing beyond what I could say, and we worked through my past traumas and grief and loss, and I found myself able to live “in sync” with all the parts of me. To live authentically, wholeheartedly, joyfully, and comfortable in the unknown/certain in the uncertainty. From this place of being joyfully in sync, Michelle helped me move forward, to do the work I have been passionate about for so long and have been merely “dabbling in.” She and I set real actionable steps to do in between our later sessions, and I did those things with courage and excitement! I have launched a qualitative research study with teachers on recess and am eagerly making time to work, and I am better at letting go of things that are not fueling me toward this. Michelle not only guided me and helped me set actionable steps, she prepared me to continue on my own, to pay attention to what I am feeling and what I can let go of and what I need to learn from; in short, she helped me manage the empathic part of me so I can live fully me.” "

Cathy R.

"“I initially reached our based on a referral from a friend. My friend was literally glowing with news of changes she had made personally and shared struggles that you helped her identify and ultimately break free of. It resonated so much with my own inner struggle. She suggested I check it out and I’m so grateful I did. I merely hoped to resolve what had become paralyzing anxiety. I was initially hoping for some “trick”to fix my brain. What I didn’t expect was to open a flood gate of deep patterns and baggage that have plagued me for decades. I was carrying burdens and hurts that I had zero conscious awareness of. I felt safe and free to share, like an unbridled stream of free thought. Hearing myself and becoming aware of my own self imposed limitations was mind altering. I could feel an immediate change in my brain patterns after our first session. I have learned that the only thing that has ever stood in my way is me. I can’t explain how it is different now, I just know it is. I’m different. I don’t even have to “make” myself follow new and healthy patterns….it just happens. It’s like I shed a coat or layer of myself that I never wanted or needed or liked….I’m lighter and happier. I feel like the me I always knew I was…..but couldn’t quite get myself there. I’ve never done more meaningful and fruitful “self work” in my life. And the strangest part, it didn’t feel like work at all. Thank you Michelle!” "


"“Tapping with Michelle has been life changing. I’ve tried many modalities and while I do love tapping, I truly believe that it is the intuitive and healing energy of Michelle allowing for such profound and quick shifts in my psychology. In only a few sessions we have worked through profound deep seated beliefs limiting my experience of love, joy and happiness.” "

Pamela Quinn
Author of "Elemental Cleanse"

"“I have had many wonderful sessions from Michelle. She is an amazingly skilled practitioner. She is intuitive, caring and thorough, getting to where you need to go. She has helped me in so many ways and in so many areas of my life.” "

Joanna M

"“Michelle’s techniques are very helpful in uncovering deep, emotionally-seated triggers that hold us back from progressing in life. I highly recommend a session to gain more information on your “self” or make your life more meaningful.” "

Mary Beth Wilker

"“Since I’ve been working with Michelle, my life has started to open up with new possibilities presenting themselves. She helped me realize how negative my thoughts about men and relationships had been. Once she made me conscious of my patterns, I was able to shift my thoughts and expectations towards men. She gave me concrete tools to change the thoughts and expectations about men in the world around me. She is very intuitive and quickly gets to the bottom of the problem.” "

Susan Q
Therapist and Life Coach

"“Working with Michelle was an amazing experience. In working with her I received an absolutely wonderful gift. She taught me the tool she uses to tap into hidden emotions. I was able to release and let go of some long standing thoughts, emotions and ideas that I had unconsciously held onto from early in my life. They were like a bag of boulders I was carrying. Through the tapping process I was able to see these unconscious thoughts and emotions falling away like leaves from a tree being blown away in the wind. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I will forever give thanks.” "

B. Hall

"“Thank you again for such a lovely session. The remainder of the evening I actually felt lighter, like I was floating a few inches above the ground. I was vibrating at a higher level and still am. So excited about where this takes me!”It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I will forever give thanks.” "

Lynne S

"“Michelle made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I met her. She explained process thoroughly and asked enough questions until we were both satisfied. I felt like I had a trusted partner to anyone who is seeking answers. She is warm, kind and knowledgeable. I feel like I made a new, lifelong friend. A wonderful experience.” "

Robin C

"“I would like to say that it was such a blessing. That you opened my eyes to something so wonderful that is very hard to put into words. The experience I had was incredible and I feel like everyone should feel that way everyday. I would love to learn and hopefully be able to give people what you gave me.” "


"“I just spoke with my husband briefly and he said how much better he feels after his session with you. It brings tears to my eyes to hear him say that. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your special gift with us! What a blessing you are!” "


"“I’d like to thank you for the magical healing session we had with you! I believe it was a very transformational moment for my daughter and also for me! My daughter deeply thanked me for bringing her to see you. Keep on spreading the light.” "


"“After my father’s death, I went to Michelle to understand the unique relationship I had with my father. Through working with Michelle, we were able to identify and change the “tapes/thought patterns” that had played in my head, giving me a clear acceptance to my life. Changing the unhealthy thoughts and continuous unhealthy life patterns developed between my father and I, allowed a clear defined understanding of the interworking of the traditional family and extended family in which we (my father and I) were a part. I was aware of some of the “tapes/thoughts” that pledged me, Michelle was able to go deeper, better defining the issue(s)/pattern(s) in a way I had never thought, changing my viewpoint of the situation and patterns. The realizations and changes made during our sessions was able to create a better feeling of accomplishment and clear defined understanding about my life than through modern western therapy, which I had tried many years past. Since my sessions with Michelle, life has changed significantly, helping me understand and accept my personal experiences, feelings, and emotions, raised my confidence. Giving me a knowing that it is okay to have different beliefs and thoughts, to accept they can and may be different from the “traditional family ways” in which I was raised. Michelle guided me back to the path in which I know I was born to travel, but got lost along the way. Positively challenging and encouraging me to embrace what is true and valid in my life, and teaching me a better understanding my abilities as a psychic/medium. Much love Michelle, Thank you!” "

Kriste Hater

"I LOVE working with Michelle. I began seeing her at a time when I was experiencing a high level of stress, completely overwhelmed with life. Michelle, being the very down-to-earth and compassionate that person she is, clearly explained the purpose/benefit of tapping to me. She helped me “clear my crap” and create space for what I wanted in my life. I saw dramatic changes immediately and I couldn’t be more grateful. How amazing is it that we have healers/teachers like this available to us!?!?! She’s the real deal! "

Cara Hyland



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