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"Michelle has connected as a clear channel with information and understanding from my guides and spirit family. This has allowed me to take my “seeking for purpose” to a much higher level of learning and understanding.

Since working with Michelle, I have been able to distill so many ideas into an action plan. The plan has ebbed and flowed, as she challenges me to move forward in what might seem like scary waters, so we have tapped through this stuff! She has been encouraging and available on this journey. I am very grateful for our time together!"

- Susan C.

"Tapping with Michelle has been life changing. I’ve tried many modalities and while I do love tapping, I truly believe that it is the intuitive and healing energy of Michelle allowing for such profound and quick shifts in my psychology. In only a few sessions we have worked through profound deep seated beliefs limiting my experience of love, joy and happiness."

- Pamela Quinn
Author of ‘Elemental Cleanse’

"Michelle’s techniques are very helpful in uncovering deep, emotionally-seated triggers that hold us back from progressing in life. I highly recommend a session to gain more information on your “self” or make your life more meaningful."

- Mary Beth Wilker

"I'm thankful for the Development Circle and this wonderful group of women. I'm still new to the concepts of empath and intuition and was looking for a safe place to grow. I found it here. I've been able to give and receive empathic readings for the first time and it has been a wonderful experience! I used to think that my thoughts and feelings were random, but thought the lessons and practice I'm learning that there is meaning within them. I'm beginning to understand how my intuition, mind, heart and body work together. It's making me feel more stable and comfortable in the world. Michelle is a very kind, experienced and encouraging teacher, too. I'm excited to continue learning and growing into the person I was made to be. "


"I wanted to take this time and thank Michelle and the group for a wonderful experience of this circle it has healed me in so many ways. It has also been fun and very rewarding to see myself in the group as we are all the same just in different places in our lives and path. Within this safe sacred space we can step forward without fear anymore. Feeling empowered with the tools that have been given here have helped me-so much a hermit I was and am no more. Thank you for the wonderful knowledge and heart based center it has come from."

-Patty B.
Member of Intuition Circle

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